Susan Gabriel

painting of a grapefruit in the Vermeer style, a metaphor for a beautifully crafted book

Take Your Book to the Next Level

Do you have a published book that you’re proud of? Or could it be taken to the next level?
I published my first book three times before I finally published a book I was proud of — one that became a best-seller on Amazon.
I created Soul Sonshine to help authors take their books to the next level the FIRST time.

The blank, white empty page symbolizes the emptiness of a writer's mind with writer's block

Is It Writer’s Block?

Is this you?
You set aside time to work on that book you’ve been meaning to write. You close all the windows of your social media accounts, turn off the TV, put your glasses on, sit down at your keyboard to write, and—and you can’t seem to come up with the first sentence!

And now you’ve fallen for the myth that is “writer’s block.”

Is writer’s block real?

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