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Performs as Promised

Soul Sonshine Publishing company performs as promised

My first daughter was normal.

My second daughter was not.

Actually, I take that back —“not average” would be a more accurate description. She was definitely not average.

When she was 8 months old, she was off the doctor’s growth chart. She was too tall for her age. And too thin.

The doctor recommended feeding her more protein-rich baby foods. And feeding her more frequently.

She was hungry all the time and by then, was drinking from a cup, not a bottle. I struggled to figure out what to take along for her to eat when I was out shopping or making the two-hour drive to grandma’s house.

Then I hit on it. I blended a concoction of soy milk, mashed egg yolks, baby oatmeal, and mashed fruit into a thick shake-like consistency. Then I grabbed a Tupperware tumbler and popped in an ice cube to keep it cold before I put the lid on. Now, dare I put it into my oversized purse and hope it didn’t leak? Or should I put it into a plastic bag first?

Deciding to live dangerously, I popped it into my purse and we left.

When she got hungry a few minutes later, at a stop sign I pulled it out, took off the lid and gave her the tumbler, hoping she could hang onto it while the car was moving. I noticed that it hadn’t leaked at all — the Tupperware was performing as promised!

Then disaster struck in the form of a dip in the road. She had the tumbler at her mouth when the car hit the dip and the thick concoction splattered all over her face and hands. I wish now that I had a picture of her dismayed face to go viral on social media, but sadly, this was before the age of cell phones. As I wiped her pathetically sad face, I told her, “That was a bad bump Sara! Next time I will let you know first, ok?”

A few days later, I saw a dip in the road ahead. This time I yelled out, “Bad bump, Sara!”

And she remembered! She lowered the tumbler and held it very still in front of her until we passed the dip.

Did I mention she was also smarter than average?

And her Pavlovian response to the words, “Bad bump, Sara!” became an instant hit at dinner parties. When she was sitting quietly in her high chair drinking a cup of milk, someone would yell “Bad bump, Sara!” and she would quickly lower her cup and sit rigidly still, to the vast amusement of our guests.

I relied tremendously on Tupperware’s leak-proof design during those years when Sara was growing like a weed and needed extra nourishment. 

A company that is performing as promised by selling a well-designed and reliable product is unusual.

I hope to emulate this type of reputation in Soul Sonshine, LLC Publishing. I have a team of people who are determined — like me — to be a reputable, promise-keeping, faith-based company that helps people get their books published. We like to say that we give books “a shining start.” We want to show our clients and others the reflected light of God’s love as we work together to create the best books we can. And that we are performing as promised.

If you’re interested in buying Tupperware, you can contact my friend Jennifer Cunningham at that link or write to her at jc*************@gm***.com

If you’re interested in finding out more about writing a book or getting one illustrated or published, please contact me — Susan Gabriel by booking a call or writing to me at this email address: bo***@so**********.com 

2 thoughts on “Performs as Promised”

  1. Oh that’s hysterical.

    I have another Tupperware story for you. My sister, Debbie used to sell Tupperware. One day while on vacation in Texas & visiting her & her family… we had to run errands. So, let me sat her car at that time was pretty worn out. The headliner fabric on the inside top of car was coming loose & all the little pellets were flying all over the car. Two adults in front on bench seat & one kid in the middle. Back seat filled with 4 children. Windows rolled down, due to no A/C. Crazy time!

    Got the picture? Ok, so while parked we knew we had to somehow stop this headliner pellet wind war! Debbie reached to diaper bag & pulled out a Tupperware cup with lid… removed the lid, grabbed hold of the headliner near rearview mirror & twisted it gave it enough of a push & shoved the lid into it & IT WORKED & stopped the mess!!! Yay for tupperware!!

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