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Our goal is to shine with the reflected light of God’s Son as we serve authors, poets, illustrators, artists, and other special people who work together to create a book.

Soul Sonshine, LLC is made up of an eclectic group of creative and talented people from all over the globe with decades of collective experience.
We’ve come up with some unique solutions to the problems that many people encounter when they want to write a book or get a manuscript published.
• How do I find an illustrator who has a style I like and fits into my budget?
• Where can I find a book coach who can help me make my book better?
• How do I get my book of poems (or devotionals) formatted correctly?

Our company was built to meet you where you are today, even if you’ve only just thought about writing a book.

We’d love to join your journey to see your name on the cover of your newly published book as you hold it for the first time. We welcome both fiction and non-fiction authors.
Our unique services are particularly valuable to authors with books that are hard to format, publish, and promote—poetry, memoirs, technical non-fiction books with charts and diagrams, children’s books, Christian books and devotionals, cookbooks, art and photography books, and other highly illustrated books.

Books like these come with a special set of problems that we’ve learned how to solve. And we’d love to tell you about it!

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…empowering authors, one story at a time

Susan Gabriel


Member of the Independent Book Publishers Association

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