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Millow the Monarch

Embark on a journey with Millow, a brave caterpillar destined for a spectacular transformation. Vibrant illustrations will captivate children and stir an interest in nature as the story of Millow and his friends unfolds.

The author’s passion for raising Monarchs and skill as a photographer are on full display in the book’s appendix, which is filled with stunning photographs and accompanying captions, offering readers of all ages a fascinating and beautiful blend of entertainment and education.


Nicole Samantha Langlois lives in Ontario Canada. She developed an interest in raising monarch butterflies at a young age and has been enjoying this hobby ever since. Watching the monarchs in various lifecycle stages inspired her to take photos of them and to add photography to her list of interesting hobbies. Nicole started her career as a dietary aide for senior care living in 2013. She finds this to be a rewarding career and loves working with seniors.

When Love Leads

If you want to build great leaders, this book is for you! 

When Love Leads starts with the greatest leader of all time—Jesus. But Jesus’ most important leadership skill was not what you might think—such as great teaching, strategic thinking, team selection, decisive action—and many other skills we commonly observe in leaders today. But rather, Jesus’ greatest skill was his commitment to pour himself into just a few followers. His disciples were his focus. When Love Leads uncovers the unique Distinctives that set Jesus’ leadership apart. His unyielding commitment to glorify God rather than himself was the catalyst for everything he accomplished. That commitment led to a leadership style that was very different from what you’d expect… unless you, too, are motivated by Love. If that is what motivates you as a leader, the impact you will have on others around you will lead to results you never thought possible. This book will give you a new, powerful, and challenging way to lead others in the same way Jesus did.


Award-winning author of the book Searching for Proof and Faith, Richard Hasty is the founder of Leave.Now.Grow Consulting, focused on equipping leaders to develop other leaders. He is a former Board Member at the Southern Evangelical Seminary. Rick and Shereé, his wife of more than forty years, have three children and ten grandchildren.

The Five Pillars of Salvation

Discover the heart of Christianity in this insightful guide to the foundational pillars of salvation. Salvation isn’t just a one-time event; it’s a journey that starts with accepting Christ and continues throughout our lives, culminating in eternity.
In simple, clear language, this book explores the five pillars of salvation: the moment of accepting Christ, the ongoing process of transformation, and the ultimate fulfillment at Christ’s return. From repentance to baptism to receiving the Holy Spirit, each step is unpacked with biblical clarity.
Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned follower of Christ, these pages offer practical guidance for walking in obedience and deepening your faith. Dive into the core pillars of faith and grace, essential for spiritual growth and vitality.
Experience the fullness of Christ’s gift of salvation, which touches every aspect of our being—spirit, soul, and body. This book is for anyone seeking to understand and embrace the journey from life to eternity.


Dr. Ernest Henson answered the call to ministry at 16 years of age. He was ordained at age 19 through his home church. His B.A. degree was earned at Oakland City University in Indiana. Dr. Henson earned a Masters of Divinity Degree from Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky., and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Oral Roberts University. Through his years of ministry, he pastored churches in Tennesee, Illinois, Canada, Florida. In 2015 Dr. Henson retired from full-time teaching, but still preaches and teaches around the world wherever doors open.

The Calling Tree: An Inspirational Journey

Why a poetry journal? Because I value both. Poetry is a gift with which God has blessed me. It pops into my head at times when I least expect it. I’ve kept it private for most of my life; but due to family “encourage­ment,” I’m sharing it with everyone now. As a public school counselor of 29 years, I’ve used journals with students – and I also use a journal myself. Journaling is a great way to release thoughts, list what you are grateful for or things that are hurting you, and then rip them to pieces to release the pain. 
That said, your life is a journal-how will you fill your pages?



 A native of Southern Illinois, Jeannette Schortbeide is a School Coun­selor in her 29th year of public education. She attended and graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BSE in Physical Education and an MS in School Support Personnel. Jeannette subsequently received an MS in School Administration from McKendree University (Lebanon IL).
In her free time, Jeannette enjoys teach­ing Sunday School and cycling. She completed two full century rides (100 miles) and has hopes of completing more. She also enjoys writing poetry, which has led to this publication.

The Happy Fami-Lee

For years I have been fondly fascinated with the importance and impact of life lessons. The concept for this story came about after an entire school year’s worth of helping my daughter prepare for school. Day after day I would remind her that there are some things we need to do QUICKLY. I would repeat this word many times throughout the morning obstacles… “Quickly… quick-ly… quick-ly.” That mantra eventually inspired the idea of a fictional boy named Quick Lee (versus how she was behaving, which was Slow Lee). After a couple of hundred times, this life lesson “Slow Lee” began to sink in.


Chris is a husband and father who lives in FL but grew up in West Virginia. With a wife who is disabled, Chris would often get his daughter off to school. Any parent can tell you how challenging that can be with a 5 year old. Coming from line of great story tellers and creative thinkers, he often turns the mundane into an opportunity to entertain, often he enjoys pondering things in the form of lyrics and music. He’s a musician, a songwriter, an actor, and for while was a farmer driving a tractor. Chris himself is a Slow-Lee who likes to smell the flowers along the way and enjoy all the little things that life brings.


Francesca the Dragon

Raising a child can be daunting—especially if they sense ostracism. Sometimes things get better, and not just believing that but knowing it may foster sufficient intent to change their own narrative. This story illustrates that there can be a place in one’s life for mourning the past, the possibility that new horizons lie ahead and that one may eventually be accepted and appreciated as-is.


Stephen Lackey writes poetry, short stories, and children1 s stories spanning several genres. When he1 s not writing, he enjoys grooming dogs and cats, solving sudoku, bingeing trivia, watching movies, and finding ways to avoid smalltalk, because “Life is so much more than the obvious surface; conversations should reflect that.


Faking Fine

How many times have we gone to the altar without coming away truly changed? Sunday after Sunday, we step forward and cry out for help from God only to leave with a temporary fix. Our joy is short-lived, our peace is short-lived, and the problems come right back and attack us. We went to the altar without being altered! The E7 Breakthrough Strategy is a method of deliverance that will alter your life when you go to the altar. It works because the evolution and breakthrough are God-ordained and guided by the Holy Spirit. When you put God in charge of your breakthrough and you release to God everything that you’re feeling, you will always come out victorious!

Let’s all be honest about something: We have become pros at “faking fine.” There is one place, however, where counterfeits are not allowed, and that’s the Kingdom of God.


Danielle Watson “Dr. D” is the founder of PowerUp Intercessory Prayer Ministries and Dr. Danielle Watson Ministries. She currently is the Executive Pastor of Temple of Deliverance Outreach Ministries in Dover, DE where she works closely with her natural mother, Dr. Ida M. Lewis, Senior Pastor, and Overseer. Dr. Watson is the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Campus Dean, Delaware & Boston Campus at the School of the Great Commission Bible College & Seminary located in Columbia, South Carolina under the leadership of Ambassador Dr. Winford Thompson, Chancellor. Power Up Intercessory Prayer is a prayer movement that meets every Wednesday at 6:00 AM and Saturday at 8:00 AM in the sanctuary of Temple of Deliverance and is streamed live on social media platforms. Prayer is led by Dr. Watson, in which she seeks the Lord on behalf of others through petition, supplication, thanksgiving, worship, praise, and spiritual warfare. Through this ministry, many have been set free and delivered from the bonds of the enemy. She gives God the Glory for all he has done! Dr. Watson seeks to perpetually encourage God’s people and often reiterates, “Everybody is somebody in the Kingdom of God!” Danielle is the proud wife of Jeffery Watson and the mother of Tiera, Alexis, and Isaiah, with two grandchildren, Journee’ Mae and Karter Lee. She is a loving sister and friend to many, but most of all she loves being a faithful servant of God.


Shades of Life

Embark on a personal journey through Shades of Life, a collection of short poems that capture the essence of experience —windows into the moments that shape us. These poems aren’t about resisting change, but rather understanding it. They offer a glimpse into the author’s own struggles and triumphs, with the hope that readers may find resonance in their own lives. This is not a lofty promise of transformation but a humble offering of shared experiences. Life is messy, unpredictable, beautiful, and tough—this collection embraces life in all its forms. Explore Shades of Life and discover the subtle beauty in life’s imperfections. Perhaps, within these pages, you’ll find a companion for your own life journey.

Let’s all be honest about something: We have become pros at “faking fine.” There is one place, however, where counterfeits are not allowed, and that’s the Kingdom of God.


Monica Sharma is a mother, a curious reader , and a first-time author born in a quaint little town in India and currently exploring life in the beautiful country of Canada. Her love for reading sparked an interest in writing; however it was not until recently that she finally decided to come out with her short poems inspired by everyday experiences, people, and the beautiful journey called life. She loves dancing like no one is watching, embarrassing her beautiful pre-teen daughter, and psychological thrillers.


Real Friends are Friends Forever

Enter a world of stunning imagination in this enchanting tale. Follow the journey of a solitary young boy as he discovers true friendship in the most unexpected places. Against all odds, he forges deep connections with a motley crew of extraordinary comrades: a wise scarecrow, a stoic statue, and a captivating mannequin. As he unravels the tapestry of these remarkable friendships, our hero grows in character and gathers profound wisdom along the way. In the end, he realizes that genuine bonds transcend time and place and that the power of lasting friendship knows no bounds. Embark on a heartwarming adventure where the magic of companionship forever alters the course of one boy’s life.

About the Author- MJA


Another Four in the Morning Kind of Night

Another Four in the Morning Kind of Night is a compilation of top-rated love poems to explore. You’ll experience happiness, sadness, anger, and despair along with the author as she paints pictures of her own emotions in poetry. Relatable for anyone of any age who has ever loved before!

About the Author-


Button's Best Christmas

Button learns the importance of caring for others. In lines of poetic verse, Button the dog makes a delightful return, captivating young hearts while imparting valuable lessons of love and grace.

About the Author-

Susan Louise Gabriel, best-selling author and entrepreneur, unveils the second installment in The Button Pack series. Building on the heartwarming tale of the real-life Button featured in Book #1, “Button’s Best Christmas” introduces a resilient cairn terrier, also based on a real dog in Susan’s canine household. Once facing a potentially fatal illness and seeking adoption as a last resort, this sweet cairn found a forever home in Susan’s heart. The enduring bond between Button and his newfound friend is echoed in the book, standing as a testament to the enduring power of love and faith and creating a touching narrative for readers of all ages. In the serene landscape of the Texas countryside, Susan and her husband live with their four-legged companions where Susan oversees Soul Sonshine, a Christian book publishing company. 


Searching for Proof & Faith

High school and college students are under attack. Challenges to their Christian faith are everywhere — in classrooms, with their peers, and in social media.  

The award-winning book, Searching for Proof and Faith, begins the process of helping teens and young adults understand the credible and amazing truths and scientific discoveries that support a belief in the Christian faith. It’s a book every teen needs in their arsenal of weapons to combat the attacks they will be experiencing as they launch into adulthood. The information conveyed is supplemented by QR codes to videos, links to podcasts and websites, and a list of books for further study.

About the Authors-

Waverly Hasty Cowart graduated in 2008 with a degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was a Young Life leader and an Alpha Delta Pi sorority member. She also has a Master’s in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. 

Richard Hasty is a former Board Member at Southern Evangelical Seminary and the founder of Leave.Now.Grow Consulting, focused on equipping leaders to develop other leaders. He and Shereé, his wife of more than forty years, have three children and nine grandchildren. 


Curiosity and Encouragement

Overcome Fear

In the second book of this beloved series by Steven Eurioste, young readers learn how “Curiosity and Encouragement Overcome Fear,” through a transformative journey of faith, friendship, and understanding.

Meet Curiosity, a young character who faces the daunting challenge of childhood fears and anxieties. Through engaging illustrations, your child will follow Curiosity’s path as he grapples with his emotions.

His dear friend Encouragement is by his side, however, with unwavering love and understanding, teaching children that it’s perfectly normal to experience fear and anxiety. Through Encouragement’s guidance, Curiosity learns that these emotions are a part of life. This touching tale instills in your child the lesson that they, too, can overcome their fears

About the Author —

Curiosity and Encouragement Overcome Fear is the second book in the Passionate Epic Tales (PET) series, written and illustrated by Steven Eurioste, an illustrator-turned-author. Steven hopes to comfort children and reassure them when they are anxious or afraid like Curiosity, a character in the book. Anxiety and fear are natural feelings, and a child should talk about their feelings with a trusted adult. Steven has already written the next three books, so stay tuned for the release of book #3 in this epic series about these lovable cats! more books to follow.


If i were...

If I Were… is a cute, fun, and easy-to-read picture book that can help children and parents feel closer and better able to express their love toward one another. The book is filled with colorful imagery, playful characters, and a message that can last a lifetime. Children can read this over and over and always walk away with a smile by the time they reach the end of the book.

About the Author —

Kara Cooperstein is a loving wife and mother of 4 children and 2 fur babies.
She hopes everyone will be inspired to love others in any way they can.
Kara has had many dreams throughout her life. Some have come true, like being a wife and mother.
However, epilepsy put a halt to many of her dreams. At last, Kara has been able to put her disability in the background and focus on making her dream of writing a children’s book come true! This book is inspired by her great love for her children, as she expresses how it extends to the moon and back.

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Reigning Cats and Frogs

It’s 15th century BC, the Biblical Exodus period. Cats, frogs, and other animal gods reign in Egypt. Thirteen-year-old Kafele, an Egyptian boy, is about to experience the Biblical plagues. Can he unravel the myths and stories and tap into the true source of power before it’s too late?

“Captivating and compelling! In this fascinating novel, experience the biblical account of the ten plagues that took Egypt from glory to ruin. Valerie Diefenbacher’s artistic and intriguing writing style will have you turning pages to the very end!” —Carolyn Lichty, former educator

About the Author —

V.F. Diefenbacher is an award-winning author who spent 19 years homeschooling her four children. She lives with her husband in southern Ontario, worships at Grace Mennonite Church, trains puppies, and hosts summer campers at their HipCamp site.


Curiosity and Encouragement Change the World

What child can thrive without curiosity and encouragement?

Long before children can read and fully understand these words, they experience them and will readily understand from the book’s storyline what these concepts mean.

Curiosity and Encouragement are cats. Curiosity is different from other cats and wants to change the world. He tries and fails, but then Encouragement shows up. With the help of Encouragement, the path to making the world a better place becomes clear.

About the Author

Curiosity and Encouragement Change the World is the first book in the Passionate Epic Tales (PET) series, written and illustrated by Steven Eurioste, an illustrator-turned-author. Steven hopes to inspire love in the world with his story. He wrote and illustrated this book during his darkest hours, and with the book’s birth, hope has emerged. Curiosity is modeled after Milo, who doesn’t want to change the world, but he is always curious. Steven’s next book will be out soon, with many more books to follow.


ABC A Book of Crystals

Dedicated to all the future geologists of the world

This fun ABC book is a perfect way for your little rock-hound to learn about crystals, gems, and minerals while learning the alphabet! Written by two sisters who have been collecting gems since they were little, the book grew out of their love for this hobby, which they share generationally. They hope to inspire other families to also love these beautiful gifts given to us by Earth.


Catherine Heaslip was born and raised in the North Shore of Chicago. She now lives in South Florida with her two dogs, her husband, and their almost two-year-old son, who inspires her to write children’s books. She loves spending time with her family, and collecting crystals.

Elizabeth Long was born and raised in the North Shore of Chicago. She now lives in Northern Illinois with her soon-to-be husband and their dog. Elizabeth has a BA in Sociology


Button Goes To School

Charming Button the dog was born in lines of poetic verse ready to warm hearts and teach children “how to be”— kind, loving and forgiving — and how to make and keep friends. This is the first book in THE BUTTON PACK series, a set of stories about this lovable dog based on a real dog once owned by the author.


From the author—

“A few years ago I started writing poetry to entertain a sad friend. It wasn’t long before it dawned on me that many of my poems reminded me of those I loved as a child from A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stephenson. Books we read as children, especially if they’re memorable, can affect us for life, and well-written rhyming verses are especially memorable. Children’s enchantment with rhyming verses can be put to best use if they consist of stories with life lessons.”


Wheels of Injustice:
Saving My Child from the Child Savers

 by Susan Louise Gabriel

Six weeks into a blissful honeymoon, life turns into a nightmare when Susan’s 9-year-old daughter is taken away and her husband is falsely accused of child sexual abuse.

Dragged under the churning wheels of the child protection system, Susan is given a choice: cooperate in prosecuting her innocent husband or lose her daughter. When the couple doesn’t give in to pressure, Susan loses custody of her daughter, and her husband is charged with a felony that carries a 16-year prison sentence.

Wheels of Injustice is a curtains-pulled-back true account of the out-of-control child protection system of the 1980s and the victims who risked everything to expose its egregiously unjust acts and reform it.

 About the author —

Susan and her husband live with their dogs in the country outside a small town in Texas. Susan is the CEO of Soul Sonshine, LLC, a Christian publishing company that seeks to inspire others and help authors give their books a shining start.

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