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Finding Time to Write When Your Life is Chaotic

How do you find time to write when your life is in chaos? 

How do you take the time out of your hectic schedule to put down a chapter or two?  It’s harder than some would think. Social media and wanting to stay in contact with friends and family are two common distractions that can keep you from finding time to write.

It’s hard not to log into your favorite social media account when you have 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there — just to see what the rest of the world is doing — or at least your close knit social circle. 

Then you find yourself 30 mins into that world — or even an hour. Commenting on issues that affect you. Searching for new friends. And the next thing you know, 2 hours have gone by, and you’ve accomplished nothing.

How do you force yourself to sit down and begin typing? Of course you hope that your next chapter or your next inspiration will just come flowing out.

The cold hard truth is that you have to want to. You have to want to sit down and be ready when inspiration comes.

And finding the key that turns the handle to unlock inspiration for you is different than it is for someone else.  Some people like music playing when they create.  Others like absolute silence.  Maybe you have a favorite drink or you’re inspired when you’re at the park or a coffee shop. 

The process of creation is a personal journey, but you have to capture that moment of inspiration. 

You have keep yourself from getting distracted by the myriad number of distractions — you know what they are — and just allow yourself to create.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t forsake everything. You still have responsibilities that need to be taken care of, but you can do it.  You can set aside some time to create what you’ve been wanting to create. 

Sometimes all it takes is discipline, and that moment of clarity.  Find it, and create your world.

Soul Sonshine has a program that will help you maintain that discipline, review what you’ve written, and give you feedback on it. It’s called “Coaching to Completion” and the end product is a book you’ll be proud of!

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