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God’s Got the Beat

I don’t know about you, but the real me is a little off-beat — not quite on the down beat, more like a half-a-beat off. At work, I need to maintin a professional attitude. Letting my vulnerabilities show could be a ticket to the unemployment line. At home, I canRead More

Is It Writer’s Block?

You set aside time to work on that book you’ve been meaning to write. You close all the windows of your social media accounts, turn off the TV, put your glasses on, sit down at your keyboard to write, and—and you can’t seem to come up with the first sentence! You think, Oh no! I have writer’s block!

And just that fast, you’ve fallen for the myth that is “writer’s block.”

Following God: The Forest or the Trees?

Can’t see the forest for the trees. Have you heard that line? It’s used to describe people who get so caught up in seeing the various elements of a situation, they can’t see “the big picture.”

God’s Sky à la Mode

The photo of the half-circle window above is mine. It’s in my home office. When I pause for a few moments to reflect on something, my eyes are often drawn to that window — yes, this small half-round window instead of the large, nearly full-length window directly below it. IRead More

Why Are You Here?

The question, “Why are you here?” can be interpreted in several different ways —  Why were you born?  Why are you living where you live?  Why are you reading this article? I will answer the last question first and the first question last. The middle question I will leave to you.Read More

Focus on the Feet

He only weighs six pounds so his survival depends on vigilance. That’s why he watches feet.  My smallest chihuahua Andy is a plucky little guy who loudly defends our property, but feet are his focus. When we walk to the mailbox every day —quite a hike for Andy since ourRead More


[For context, please see “The Age of Love“] Sometimes when I meet a child for the first time, I ask “How old are you?” It’s mostly because I don’t know what else to say and is my version of a “conversation starter.” Depending on the child’s age, a few fingersRead More

The Age of Love

[Note—for context, see About Us.] There’s a wide gap between Sue and me in more ways than one. But I don’t have this kind of friendship with anyone else—even the ones that are glued to me here in Nigeria— not like I do with Sue, who is thousands of milesRead More

From Head to Heart

Transformational progress I wrote an autobiography about my life. It was my first book published, and since that time, I’ve learned many things about books. One thing I learned is that I can do better. Enter the second edition. I haven’t yet written it, but as I review my firstRead More

The Narrow Road

If a magic potion could make someone fall in love with you, would you use it? If someone didn’t freely choose to love you, is it still love? One of God’s greatest gifts to us is free will. It makes our choices — and our lives — have meaning. “EnterRead More