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Susan Louise Gabriel
At the time of our serendipitous first meeting, I didn’t know that this young man who lived in Nigeria was going through a very serious crisis. I was just drawn to the sadness in his eyes in the photos he sent me. I wanted to change that, to make him smile, so I started writing to him.
I talked about anything I thought would make him smile. I sent links to songs by my favorite artists, like Matthew West, Mercy Me, and Newsboys. I sent uplifting messages and Bible verses. I told him stories about my life in long strings of messages that I wrote long after his bedtime in Nigeria.
When I logged in every morning, I found questions and comments from Drew about everything I’d written, which motivated me to continue writing “chapters” about my life in deeper detail. Eventually I realized that I’d written almost my entire autobiography. Drew realized it, too, and dared me to publish it. Enter Soul Sonshine Publishing and my now-published memoir. It was a natural outcome of our deepening friendship.
It was God who orchestrated our meeting and the deep connection we developed with each other and with Jesus. Soul Sonshine is the channel that sprung up as I continued writing, with Drew as my reader, critic, and champion.
Drew’s renewed optimism released his entrepreneurial spirit as he took actions to start a business in Nigeria, a country of high unemployment.
We invite you to join our family and build a deeper relationship with God too

Drew Oghenetejiri
I first met Susan Gabriel in 2018 at a point in my life when I was stuck in depression and losing hope. Yet she never gave up hope for me, even when I was losing it, despite our differences in culture and race. I thought being black would make her resent me and see me as a lesser human being. But she proved me wrong by showing me kindness and humility at all levels. Eventually I started to believe the human race could live in harmony if only we could see and treat others the way we would want to be seen and treated equally, creating harmony among humanity. But this is a seductive lie. 
We can’t save the world, but we can reduce how messy it has become. Susan made me realize this as we connected at deeper levels, reaching our souls and sparking an inner light. And that was how the name came about—Soul Sonshine.
Our mission and primary goal is to share this light—a heavenly light—to those who are ready to grab it but might not know the way.
We’re dedicated to our main focus by sharing insights, motivational/ inspirational messages and quotes, and also through poetry.
You will find guidance here in positive thinking and how to adopt it in your everyday life. Soul Sonshine can also inspire young entrepreneurs of business to reach a level of limelight, as it is doing for me.
We are not just a website with a blog. We’re a family. Walk the path with us, starting today, as God blesses you.