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Who I Am and What Soul Sonshine Can Do For You

I’m a writer and best-selling author who leads an eclectic group of creative experts with decades of experience in writing, editing, and book illustration. We provide author services and publishing in a unique way. Our company—Soul Sonshine, LLC—helps authors bring their books to life.

We specialize in children’s books, middle grade and young adult fiction, memoirs, highly illustrated books, poetry anthologies, and Christian books and devotionals.

What is SoulSonshine Connect℠?

After experiencing the difficulty of finding an illustrator for my own book, I imagined a unique solution that would stop the madness—so authors like you and I could stop wasting time searching through confusing portfolio links of samples, not really knowing what to look for.

The solution I imagined:

  • Would stop the deluge of messages that come day and night from illustrators wanting to be awarded the project.
  • Would help authors stop worrying about whether the selected illustrator will actually finish the job, plagiarize someone else’s drawings, or be difficult to work with.

With the help of some very talented software coders, we created the solution I had imagined. SoulSonshine Connect is that solution, and Soul Sonshine has an exclusive contract to operate this service, which easily and quickly matches authors with the right illustrator for their book project.

Our Connect directory contains the names of more than 80 thoroughly interviewed, reviewed, and approved illustrators from across the globe—we’ve selected the best of the best.

Here’s how it works from the author’s point of view—

You will complete a form that helps us pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. Then we’ll run a search in our Connect database system to find the top illustrators that match your criteria. You’ll receive a link to their work so you can see it for yourself. You’ll also have the option of having artists do a sample graphic of the main character in your book.

Our ultimate goal is to provide authors with a friendly and easy-to-use platform where they can find illustrators that are a perfect fit for them in style, graphic creation medium, and other criteria without scouring through dozens of portfolios, not really understanding what to look for or what they are seeing.

Illustration Management

Our Illustration Management service assigns an experienced senior art consultant to manage the development of your illustrations.

  • The Illustration Manager (IM) gathers as much information as possible about your project, vision, timeline, and character details and works directly with the artist. The IM creates sketches for each page based on the author’s outlined storyboard. If the author does not have a page outline or storyboard, we would be happy to help you develop one.
  • The sketches are then sent to the illustrator, who works together with the IM to create draft and final illustrations. Periodically, the IM will show the illustrations to the author/client to ensure they are in line with the author’s vision and to obtain final approval for each illustration.

Using this service avoids several  hazards an author faces. Many very talented artists are from other countries, and they have limited English skills.

Communicating with them can be difficult and time-consuming. Providing guidance, directions, corrections, and revisions requires knowledge about the medium being used, styles, methods and the best artistic layouts. It’s also time-consuming and often frustrating.

And paying an artist in another country can be a complicated nightmare of trial-and-error due to differing banking and payment system regulations.

We handle all that so you don’t have to.

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