From Head to Heart

Transformational progress

I wrote an autobiography about my life. It was my first book published, and since that time, I’ve learned many things about books. One thing I learned is that I can do better.

Enter the second edition. I haven’t yet written it, but as I review my first book, I see some themes that stand out, such as my transformation from believing in God in my head to knowing Him in my heart.

I recently read in a Facebook post —

“Prayer is nothing more than wishful thinking and an excuse to do nothing. God doesn’t listen to prayer (because it is mainly complaining and asking for stuff) but he definitely knows your heart and sees what you do.”

Only God’s spirit can help me be a better person.

I now see God as an ever-present friend — someone I can always talk to about everything — all the people I care about, the things I’m grateful for, the things I’ve done wrong, and when I just need a soft place to land after a hard day. He is there — ready to listen, reassure, forgive, comfort, and guide me whenever I want or need it.

If you don’t yet have this kind of relationship with God, I encourage you to pursue it. He is always there — you just need to reach out.

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