Oysters Anonymous

I was a member of Oysters Anonymous —
lackluster life, I was benign and colorless.
I met a knife — utility ware,
humble and lacking a pretentious air.

Skilled in the art of enthused conversations,
My new knife friend was above expectations.
Normally I would just stay in my shell.
This time was different, though, I could just tell.

I still don’t know yet just how it all happened,
why I said more than I ever imagined,
more than I thought I would say to a stranger.
I felt no threat, though, and he was no danger.

After revealing so much of my life,
I was afraid I’d repelled this kind knife.
I wasn’t sure what to think, how to be.
But he continued his interest in me.

As the knife painlessly opened my shell,
love poured inside and outward, as well.
I felt exposed as my innermost thoughts
were revealed to this knife, along with my blots.

I saw a pearl then, that I didn’t know
was inside, and it suddenly started to glow.
A gleam hit the knife and it plainly revealed
the beautiful silver that had been concealed.

Here’s what I learned about friendships from this:
It takes another to see what you‘ve missed —
virtues and character, gifts you possess,
light that will shine on the others you bless.

Inspired by my friend Drew, who taught me that trust and honest communication are essential ingredients for a loving and long-lasting friendship.

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